creative space 

Welcome! Just a small town blogger on the South Shore trying to have some creative discussion. This space was created to get inspiration, creative energy flowing, and just some cool people talking. If you like the topic or want to further discuss an idea, jump in! Check the blog.


A bit about me.

I'm an artist with way too many creative interests and like talking with like-minded people. While you're here, you're more than welcome to check out my work, if not that's totally cool. Anyway, here's a bit about me- As mentioned, I reside on the South Shore where most of my work is produced at my home studio. I'm primarily a painter, I work in acrylic and oil. Illustrative line drawings, ink and watercolor are also often explored medium choices. My style and subject content (if any) varies, creating a vast range in my series of work. While in college, I studied fine arts where I experimented with many forms of art including welding, wood work, sculpture, wheel throwing, photography and graphic design. Prints can be purchased here. Aside from making art, I am a hairdresser and work in marketing. I enjoy a range of music genres, collecting records, antique and thrift store finds. Good food & cute cafes is where it's at. When I'm not being artsy my phones off & I'm out riding my Harley.


Alright, go check out my blog.